Could not load file or assembly.the system cannot find file specified

I’m facing issue whenever try to save file.
please find attached screenshot

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Hi ,
seems like it’s a dependency error, try doing the below steps,

  1. Take a backup of your existing project.json file
  2. delete it from the project file
  3. open main.XAML again, this will restore the dependencies


this solution not works for this type of error.

project.json file is not open in notepad++


You should be able to from file explorer, right-click and open with notepad

Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Try to the take back up of the project.json file out side the project scope and

Open the xaml again!


I’ve selecting C# language at the time of new project creation. that’s why this error occurs. once I changed language C# to VB then no error found.

Thanks .

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