I'm a user from way back. Came back to UiPath and my workflows are not working

Hello, I am a dinosaur from way back when UiPath was not dressed in orange.

I needed to use a workflow I had created back in 2019. But when I took the file out of my archives, and opened the xaml file, I saw that many components were unable to load (Namely “Attach Window”, “Move Mouse”, “Table Scraping”, and I’m sure there’s more that I don’t remember)

I have a 15-minute screenrecording showing what this workflow used to do, if that would help you help me.

Essentially, it was a workflow that took a spreadsheet of usernames and passwords, logged into each of them, and backed up activity history into an excel spreadsheet.

The reason I had created this workflow was because the web service we use did not have a native feature for exporting our usage data into tables.

I need to either fix this workflow or recreate it from scratch. Please, I need help.

I have questions such as:

  • Have these components been renamed and that’s why they cant be loaded?
  • Have these components been removed and I need to find a roundabout way of achieving the same goal?
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Hi @pTim

Please check if your project.json file has not been deleted from your old projects, since it contains the proper activities package versions to read your files. If the file was deleted the studio will create one for you with the latest available activities packages and it cause a conflict when it tries to read your xaml.

If it was deleted, try to set an older version by editing your project.json file and re open the project on your UiPath Studio


Hey @AndresTarazona

Thank you for the tip about the project.json and editing the json file with older versions.

If: I still have the json file from my old UiPath xaml, and move that json file to the same folder as the xaml,
Then: should everything be working normally?

Thanks again for your time and help :smiley:

Hi again @pTim

Yes, UiPath Studio always checks if an existing project.json file is on your root folder to use it to reference dependencies, project name and so on.


@AndresTarazona I still have the project.json file but many of my xaml files are saying “Missing or invalid activity”

Are there any relevant screenshots I could show you in order to help you help me?

Hi @pTim

All your dependencies are loading properly?


Hi @AndresTarazona

All except the UIAutomation Activities

Hi @pTim

it seems the 19.XX preview packages are no longer on the package feed.

Try with one of the following approaches:

  1. Click on repair dependencies and checks if your activities are loaded by using right click > Repair Dependency
  2. Modify manually your project.json file by assigning the nearest package version available on your package feed. Change the value 19.12.0-preview to 19.11.5, then save the file and try to open the project on UiPath Studio.

Finally I can fulfil my dream to help a dinosaur. :slight_smile:

Check whether you have the official source selected from the “Manage Package” settings.
Try repair dependency
If repair dependency doesn’t work then…

I know a weird way that works in this case. Remove the dependency and then search and install fresh the latest version (or the nearer version available to that of original dependency).

If you still face the issue in latest version (or the nearest version you selected) then start going down one version at a time to check for which version you will have all the activities stable and visible.

Thank you @AndresTarazona and thank you @rahulsharma I was able to successfully load my old xaml files!

Like both of you indicated, my issue was resolved when I changed the version of the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities Package.

Lastly, could one of you tell me whether I need to do anything specific in order to mark this thread as resolved? Or whether that is done automatically by all of us collectively ignoring this thread from now on? :smiley:

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Hi @pTim

Please check this answer.

I’m glad you get your code back!

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