Learning is free: get your Advanced Certification now

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Long Time…!!

Great to see you guys again, for a while :slight_smile:

Today i got one Email from uipath, I think you all have received this email from UiPath too: Learning is free: get your Advanced Certification now

What set us in motion when we started UiPath Academy is what keeps us going while we improve and plan ahead - the power of free-to-try and free-to-learn .

We stand by that 100%, so until December 31st, the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification is free of charge .

I received many messages From them who paid for it earlier-


What does it mean for us?
-One perspective can be "yea it´s confusing" for those who passed this exam before and this certificate with new conditions has same value.

But on the other hand!

UiPath is really opening its gate to a larger community and now more developers will able to prove their knowledge with an advanced certificate.

So don´t wait and get your brand new certificate! :slight_smile:

So Hurry Up - join the automation journey in its early stages. :wink:

With me and Other Professionals.

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Deadlines - until December 31st 2018. ( For Promotional Purpose)
Reference :

@badita @jakubvanhara



Advance Certification means : Level 3 RPA Developer Advanced.?
just a little confusion, since there was a exam conducted by UiPath people for advance certification aswell.

Is there anything else other than these.?

Hey @Divyashreem

That was just an Advanced Training completion in Academy.

So This one is a paid one when we opted for it earlier but not for promotional usage it is open until 31st December.

Go to above link i have mentioned or below one and read that out :slight_smile:


Awesome… yeey i started my certification exam thank you :blush:

Np :1st_place_medal:
it will come with one year validity and now @badita i can see the certification verification Encrypted code :slight_smile: which i asked you in Dev Conf :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Guys, I tried logging in with my existing email and the page keeps redirecting me back to Login Page. Is there anything I have to do before I can access the site?

I managed to login by signing up with a new mail.

Looking forward to hear from you.


I’m having trouble getting to this certification.
I created a new account with my email and verified it using the 6-digit code I received in my email.
But when I try to log in, I get the error “Please confirm yout email before you are allowed to log in.”
I used the link to resend confirmation email multiple times, but I didn’t receive any emails.
Anyone know how I can get past this?

Thank you,

You have to create account for this certification separately.

@quihan & @in006: Hello, just check your “Junk Mail” folder. There you will find the link you need to use to be able to log in.

@aksh1yadav thank you for your post :slight_smile:

As we discussed - it´s a great opportunity to enlarge the community! The question is if this won´t depreciate the value of existing Advanced certificate —> What do you think UiPathers?

Kind regards


Np :slight_smile:


If you have started the Advanced Developer Training before 31st December, does it have to be completed by this date?



Hey @Aston_Wray

If you are newbie or beginner then better to go with academy training not with all course at the time you can just opt for foundation training and then you can appear for it. and believe me it is not hard it is very simple and based on basic understanding. :slight_smile: