Unable to Login to avail free certification "Advanced RPA Developer Certification"

Hello Team,

I have an Community Edition account with Email ID "ldilip@gmail.com" / username “ldilip”.

I am able to login to UiPath academy, however, I am unable to login to avail the free certification which is available till March 2019.

Error Message : “An account could not be found for the provided user ID.”

I am unable to add the attachment as its says “New users cannot add attachment”

Please assist.

Please create an account first before login into the developer certification.
Academy and certification are different.
You can use the same mail id to sign up for the developer certification.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks for Extreme Quick Response.

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Is Advanced Certification available only once, what if in case the score is less than 70% ? Will we get another opportunity to attempt?

May I know the certification questions % weight age on the different topics?

Could you please enlighten me the course contents / outline which are covered as part of Advanced Certification?

You will be having 3 attempts each for theoretical and practical.

1.You have 3 attempts to pass the certification for both quiz and practical.
2.45 MCQ in quiz and 1 practical problem of 3:30 hrs
3.If you have done advanced training from academy, you should be good to go

Can you enlighten me about the topics / contents which are considered for certification? As you say, that this certification contains theoretical and practical.I don’t have clarity on this.

Could you please enlighten me.

  1. Quiz - 45 questions based on Foundation, REF and Orchestrator quiz questions
  2. Assignment (based on REF framework similar to advanced training in Academy)

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik

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@Sheshrocks & @karthik - Thanks you very much.

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I had browser issues where I could not upload and had issues logging back in which caused a fail (1st time)and a timeout after I clicked upload, resulting in no files uploaded both times. I switched to Firefox and got my cert. I think the timer still goes during the upload and mine took about 15 minutes for a confirmation with a 40Mbs speed. I recommend a screenshot with time/date of your upload. My recommendation USE FIREFOX to log into Cert Site.

I am confused about Uipath academy.What Tutorials need to complete for RPA Certification

Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped
Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3

Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training
Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.2 Training

Hi @karthi

For the certification, complete the below as they are the latest

  1. Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3
  2. Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 training
  3. Level 3 - Advanced Training
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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando

Hi experts,

I could see that the free cerifications is valid till 31st March, does this include both Theory and the 3hr30min exam or can we take the second exam post 31st march?

Thanks if advance. Apologies if this has been answered earlier.


For certification i have cleared the quiz but for the practical it says we should have orchestrator installed.
Can anyone guide me on how to get UiPathOrchestrator.msi?

Welcome @fasayyed to UiPath Forum

you can get Free pre-installed Orchestrator from Uipath for examination.

platform.uipath.com or demo.uipath.com create tenant and username for yourself. (Hope you have used in level 3 Assignments).

You don’t need to install in your computer. Also Orchestrator needs Windows Server to be pre-installed in your computer. (Please go through all Theory and Practical Sessions)