UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification last date has extended till end of June 2019

Dear Forum,

There is a good news from the UiPath Academy that RPA Developer Advanced Certification Exam last date has extended for another quarter, extending till end of June 2019…

Use this opportunity and share to your friends.

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Baisil G.


Great news. :slight_smile:

on uipath website it is still showing 31st march.

They will update soon.

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Fantastic news, Thank You UiPath

Is this true? That would be great!

Yes that is true; you can check the link.

Sorry @ampaikan for making people to divert to your Linked in Profile :neutral_face:

That’s a great news dude :star_struck:. Thanks for notifying us :beers:

I love UiPath!

Huge Thank you UiPath!

@baisilgee - That’s good news. However, let me attract your attention to the error in the title of the certificate that is issued after successful completion of Advanced Certification. The certificate does not say that it is for advanced certification, it just says “RPA Developer Certificate of Completion”, which is wrong.

I have already started a thread couple of weeks back, the thread heading being “The certificate of ‘RPA Developer Advanced Certification’ bears wrong title”. But no action has been taken till date, neither I have received corrected certificate.

Request you to look into the issue at the earliest.

Hi @tapaskrdas,
Thank you for your deep reading.

You are wrong, most of the people are misunderstanding with the same problem with that they are thinking that if they complete the Diploma certificate from the UiPath Academy that is enough On that Certificate you can see the same Sentence of “Completion” for this certification there is no time limit is applicable and life long validity as well.

But there is Advanced RPA CERTIFICATE IS THERE this has time bound that what we are talking about.

@baisilgee - Sorry to say, you are wrong here. I don’t think you got a chance to go through the thread I have mentioned in my comment.

I am not talking about the Academy diploma or course completion certificate - I am very well aware of that. I am talking about the actual RPA Advanced Certification, which one can take only from certificate link which is different than the Academy link. Also this certificate is valid for one year and does not have life long validity.

To pass the RPA Advanced Certification, one needs to first clear the quiz, followed by the time bound assessment (the one you have mentioned in your comment) - which gets graded and post that the certificate is provided to the candidates who have successfully completed the assessment.

Clearly, this is the RPA Advanced Certification, but unfortunately the title of the certificate bears wrong information - it just says “RPA Developer Certificate of Completion”

Great to hear this. Definitely UiPath is going to rock this year too.

That is a great news… thank you for notifying this news…:partying_face:

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@baisilgee : Yes, I am talking about the below RPA Advanced certification.

But writing on my certificate is different

@baisilgee - If you see, even your certificate does not reflect that you have cleared RPA Developer Advanced certification. It just says “RPA Developer Certificate”. Neither the title nor the write ups have any indication that it is an advanced certification.

The Title, write-ups and even the authorized signatory are different in the certificates issued to me and you, but issuing year is also different. I am not sure whether the write ups have been changed over the year, but I can tell you for sure that neither of the certificates reflect the exact title and write ups it should carry - Advanced RPA certification.

Can you check the issue with UiPath team and help to get corrected?