Get your UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification for free!



Hello everyone!

What set us in motion when we started UiPath Academy is what keeps us going while we improve and plan ahead - the power of free-to-try and free-to-learn.

We stand by that 100%, so until December 31st, the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification is free of charge.

This could be your chance to become an RPA-qualified professional, and further differentiate yourself through your skills and strengths, as automation skills are becoming essential in most industries worldwide. Start now and advance quickly: get your Certification and join the automation journey in its early stages.

Really can get Developer Certification with only experience in Advanced learning plan?

Why a sudden u turn by UiPath ? Why only till 31st Dec and what are the charges after that ?


Hi @skini76

There was no change in the promotional character of this opportunity. The certification overview page displays the end date of the promotion quite clearly from the beginning :slight_smile:



how many intents have to approve the certification


What is the stand/cost after 31st Dec ?


Anyone else having trouble registering? I am not getting the confirmation email. I even pressed resend confirmation email


As it was announced in the recent UiPath Forward Event in Miami, advanced certification cost would be somewhere under 150$ from next year onwards. Previously it used to cost around 850$ which had a training involved as well through a third party.

Just in case you have misunderstood it, its not the same certification that you get from Academy Level 3(It was never a certification, was just called as Diploma’s :slight_smile: ). Apologize if we are on the same page. Thought of clearing this since i have seen many people being confused recently who were not aware about this certification. I believe Academy will always be free & open to learn :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


You are absolutely right :slight_smile:


Still confusing, as per @loginerror it is free till 31st Dec, where as @Rammohan91 says at present it is costing 850$ …:thinking::thinking::thinking:


@skini76 You may wanna read that again. I said it used to cost 850$ previously whereas now it has been made free till 31st December and after that it may cost around 150$.


Could you please check in the Spam folder or might have somewhere missed a character in the email address.
Try to register again.


check your junk mail.


I am not able to access the courses for the certification. I am met with a blank screen. Will the ability to receive the certification past 12/31/18 for free be available due to the constant system outages?


Hi @johnSelph,

The courses are available in the academy (

I just checked and everything seems to be working for me. Do check if you’re following the below instruction:

Please access the platform only from your PC, from a single browser and without opening multiple tabs of UiPath Academy at the same time.


@siddharth The link you have shared is the one for Academy not for Advanced UiPath Certification.

@johnSelph - There is no official news if you can be able to get certification even after 31st Dec 2018. Also ACME system is now been working fine I verified it myself, let me know if you are still facing some issue.



@prankurjoshi I’m well aware of the difference between the academy courses and the certification. If you go by what he has written, he’s asking for “the courses” specifically, because as you and I both know there are no courses linked to the UiPath Advanced Certification, except of course the academy courses.


@johnSelph do let us know what exact link you’re trying to access.
If it’s do check once again as some of us have already completed the certification recently and didn’t face the issue you’re facing.


How long does the quiz take?

What about the practical exam?

It is because I need to clear time off to take it beforehand with my work.


@siddharth My bad sir Im so sorry


@andrecl there is three steps
Step 1:Online Quiz (45 Questions)
Step 2:Practical Exam
Step 3:Review (Of your Practical Exam)