Is RPA Advanced certification is free until Apr 30th 2020?

In portal - Advanced certification is mentioned free until Apr 30th 2020. but when am tried to access it seems the page is redirected to Pearson where we need to pay $200 for Advanced certification. i have partially completed part 1 in the older version.

Please let me know. it is free or cost.


The answer is Yes and Yes :slight_smile:

The Advanced RPA Developer certification is indeed available until Apr 30th 2020 and it is still free! :smile:

Here’s the explict URL:

Good luck!

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Hello @len.solis,

Thanks for immediate response. I just hit the mentioned link , it redirect me to the below page


Then i clicked login - it redirect me to below page after which nothing happened

Please let me know how to access the page for free certification. Thanks

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Hi @frasher

Unfortunately, I’m at a loss :thinking: about what could cause the issue you’re having. All I can recommend is the usual try-another-browser, clear-your-cookies, … (and so and so forth) :nerd_face:

For reference, after I login, I see this:

As you may be able to tell, I was actually able to get to the quiz, where I got a perfectly failing score. That’s something worth noting… Don’t hit the Start Quiz button unless you really want to take the test!

I clicked Start Quiz thinking I could just take a look, not answer any questions, close the tab, and everything would be hunky dory. Not so much. Even though I didn’t click on anything in the Quiz window, when I closed the browser tab, it calculated my score and gave me 0 our of 45. Considering how much I knew at the time I did that, I think I did better than I deserved, lol.

Sorry I’m not able to help beyond that. If I think of something, I’ll let you know.

Meantime, Good Luck! (With your login issue and with getting your Certification :+1: )

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I know there a new certification exam which is not free and it is more for 2019 studio version.

I am prepared with 2018.3 knowledge. Do you think this is enough to take this free exam?

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Hi, If I start Certification before apr 30th can I finish it after apr 30th?

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