Keyboard stops working (getting blocked) while running a RPA process

Hi all,

My colleague and I are facing a curiosity/issue and could not find a workaround so far while working with UiPath. The client we are working for has several licences for UiPath Studio. We are automating a process in a Citrx environment, we use the activity “send Hotkey” a lot. From time to time the Hotkey “alt + r” (stands for “next page” or “save and next page” in the system environment) is not responding in the system. Unfortunately, this combination is one of the most useful shortcuts while working with the client’s system.

What happens during this non-response is the following: While running the automation process, it happens that the keyboard is getting blocked. Neither the hotkeys nor the manual use of the keyboard are possible anymore.
We found out that in this case one of the last keyboard combinations possible to use manually is “ctrl + alt + delete”, which opens the Task Manager (this combination cannot be used by the robot in the client’s system, we tried already). After closing the Task Manager, the keyboard works normally again for an unspecific time.

We are facing a robustness issue for the RPA process if we cannot be sure the hotkeys etc. (or UiPath?) are working properly.

To assure our keyboards / infrastructure are working properly, the technical service of the client checked them already.

While working with the client’s system, we figured out that activities such as “click image” are pretty error sensitive and not an appropriate workaround.

Did anyone face the same problem in the past or has an idea how to react to these circumstances?

Thanks a lot…


Could be selector issues or inconsistencies, but I feel your pain. I like to call “UiPath”, “WorkaroundPath” lol

Hi UiPath Team,

Same problem with keyboard:

The keyboard getting blocked completely when Hotkeys are used. Exactly same as was reported in previous posts.
The Hotkeys is definitely more reliable method comparison with all other activities. It no sense to use workaround instead.

UiPath is an excellent program. Please make Hotkey working properly to make it even better.