Hotkey in UiPath

I’m developer in domain RPA, i found that the developer would like to use a hotkey during their developpement. There are 2 actions in UiPath that I think we do many time but we don’t have a hotkey. I don’t know if you have updated these features in the new version.

  • Open WorkFlow
  • Edit Arguments2019-06-12_10-41-54

Hi @Bao_Nguyen,
Im not sure which version do you have currently bit please have a look here:


From the list of keyboaRd shortcuts, I don’t see any shortcut for opening the workflow.

I’m working on the version 2018.4.5. Our robots are in the productions now, so we can not increase the version immediately. Do you know how to add these feature to current version?

You need only to update UiPath.System.Activities package to 19.5.0 version.

Thank for your help, I’m going to do that. I will show you my feedback later

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