Keyboard Shortcuts timed out in Unattended Processes

Hi guys, I’m a rookie in Uipath and would kindly appreciate any help on this.

I’m developing a robot to run as an unattended process and need it to pass a keyboard shortcut to an active window at a certain point. The problem is: the activity only works fine when I run the process as attended. When I try to run it from orchestrator, as an unattended process, it always gives me this error:
Keyboard Shortcuts: timeout reached.

Currently, I’m using the new Keyboard Shortcuts activity, since the Uipath Studio got updated and no longer has the send hotkey activity.

So please, could anyone give me a hint on how to address this issue? There are other ways for me to work around it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Rafael_Ataide

Send hotkey still exists. You just have to go to your activities panel, click the filter icon and check Show Classic. Then you should be able to find send hotkey.


For the rest of your question, does your workflow wait on anything to send the hotkey?


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You can disable modern experience and get back to classic so that you can view send hot key activity

  • To enable or disable the modern experience for a project, in the Project panel, select Project Settings , then use the Modern Design Experience toggle from the General tab and reload the project.
    :information-source: Note: You can disable the modern experience for projects

I’m that activity did we try enabling SENDWINDOWMESSAGE property and have a try

And change the WaitForReady property as NONE

Cheers @Rafael_Ataide

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