Send hotkey not working while run from orchestrator

we enabled the send window message but still it won’t run from orchestrator. In log it’s show timeout reached. please help to resolve this



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May I know why we use a Send hot key activity and what key is used

Did we try the same after upgrading the UiPath.System and UiPath.UiAutomation activity

Go to design tab → manage packages-> project dependencies-> upgrade all package and give a try

Cheers @RPA16

Hello @Palaniyappan

I use “Tab” for the Send hot key.
Yes I Upgrade all packages But still facing the issue.


Did we try enabling sendwindowmessage property in that send hot key activity

And make sure

  1. It is with waitforready as NONE
  2. Timeout increased to 60000
  3. Send hot key activity is within a scope or region like within attach window or attach browser


Hello @Palaniyappan

I tried All activity that you mentioned. but still facing same. Bellow i mention error log .

"message : Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector: The closest matches found are: [46%] [43%] [43%] [43%] [43%] [37%] [37%] [37%] [37%]
level: Error
logType: Default "


Hi @RPA16

If it’s working when you run the process from studio and not working in unattended mode, you may try restarting the uipath robot service from the task manager of the robot machine and then run the process from orchestrator.

I faced this issue and this helped to resolve the timeout reached error.