Orchestrator: while trying to run the bot from orchestrator, status showing pending status only, not converting into running, can you help me any one licenses or bots availability issue or another


Make sure you assigned robots to this folder…Go to users table and check if any user is assigned a unattended license…And also if a machine is assigned in this folder


Also, check which robot that is connected in UiPath Assistant with your unattended runtime license machine key credentials it is consuming already the available license. This also will explain why your other robot cannot run the job as the job is Pending.

I am facing same issue, I am going to delete all machines and robots then try and ley you

thank you

Also, make sure that the robot that you scheduled to run the job is installed in Service Mode (Unattended).

Hi @shaikjani
Create a machine using a template and connect it to UiPath Assistant. Additionally, check to see if the licence is correctly mapped.

Kaviyarasu N