Job in Orchestrator remains pending

Hello friends (@Palaniyappan, @ovi, @Ninett_Panfir )

I have connected a Studio license to the Orchestrator licensed.
When I try to start the job from the Robot Tray the job starts.
If I start the job from the orchestrator url, the job remains pending with this error:

  • Process: Test_Orchestrator
  • Environment: Ambiente_test
  • Robot: Test_robot
  • Info: Robot Licensing Failed. This robot version does not support external licensing (#1000).
  • Start Time: 01/10/2020 10:59:48 AM
  • End Time: 01/10/2020 10:59:48 AM

Can you please help me?


Are you using different licence keys for both Uipath studio and Orchestrator ?

Hello @lakshman,
yes, the one for studio e the one for orchestrator.
Can you please help me?

HI @CamiCat

DId any recent updates on robot or any other UiPath studio take place?