Orchestrator - Starting a job issue

Hi All,

Quick question…

Backstory my company just updated our Orchestrator License Yesterday/Today.

Testing/Playing with Transaction Reporting and Queues in Orchestrator. Upon running a job, the job gets stuck in a Pending State with a Detail’s Info message “Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available licenses on the server. (#1914).” Any thoughts on why this might this be happening?

Hi @Jarzzz

Check the license expired date of machine


@Jarzzz please check the connection.
& Robot licenses work only in one tenant.
It is possible to have an Orchestrator license per tenant or per multiple tenants.

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@AshwinS2 @harsha_vardhan

Where can I check license for the robot (studio is still current)?


@AshwinS2 @harsha_vardhan

Found it;

Thanks you both for your help. The robot key is expired.

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