Job Fails When "Updates Are Available" Windows Pop-Up Occurs

How to resolve UiPath job failure when "Updates are available" pop-up occurs?

While automating a process, make sure that all the possibilities are covered like any unwanted pop-ups.

The pop-up and the conditions when the pop up occurs, add the piece of code to handle the pop-up in the code itself.

This kind of scenario can be handled by the below approaches,

  • Use Attach Window and then handle the pop-up with the help of the Ok / Cancel button based on the pop-up
  • Make use of Parallel Activity, which will run the main workflow in one thread, and in parallel, it will check for the pop-ups as well. Handling of pop-ups can be kept in a parallel branch
  • Wherever the pop-up comes, try to handle it with the help of Element exists or Retry scope
  • Check if Send Hotkey works to close the popup
  • Also check if Click Image works fine to close the popup
  • Try disabling pop-ups with the help of the internal IT team, so that this scenario does not re-occur.

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