How to disable the "Updates are available" pop-up?

Hi all,

How to disable the “Updates are available” pop-up @ windows 2016.
There is a popup with updates which “disable” the robot when running.
Can not click etc.

There is a workaround how to handle this via UiPath studio?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi @PavlosM

You can include this in the workflows think…

Try having element exists to check whether that window/ pop up is available. If true, use a click or a suitable activity to close it so that the normal operations can be done afterwords…

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Unfortunately this is not applicable since the pop up is “blocking” all the screen , so you can not even use and recognise it via Studio in order to proceed to your suggestion.

Thank you

I see… okay… So would it be possible to disable the updates instead of checking whether UiPath can handle it?

just a thought… :thinking:

Actually this was my thought exactly, i found the way to do it also but security department disallow this option, so this is why i post to forum if exist some other option via UiPath.

Either way thank you for responds.