How to interact with update messages from Windows?

Hello! Help me please!

At the moment there is no way to either disable updates from Windows “Updates are available” nor update Windows. Therefore, I must configure the robot so that it interacts with update messages from Windows.

I do not know the correct selectors for the update message window from Windows, so the robot could not recognize this message from Windows. But for some reason, the robot does not perform the step of clicking on the “Esc” button after receiving the update message from Windows: the the update message window remains on the screen.

The script runs on schedule. At the beginning of the script, I added a step of clicking on the “Esc” button to close possible messages from Windows.

Please tell me how to configure the robot to interact with the message from Windows and close it.

Kindly try the same esc with SEND HOT KEY activity with key as esc instead of click
that would work for sure
if its a button try with CLICK IMAGE activity
Cheers @Violet

I used the activity “SEND HOT KEY” with the key “Esc”.
Selectors for activity and its container:

But it didn’t work: the update message window didn’t close.

Which selectors to use in “CLICK IMAGE activity”? How to recognize selectors in this case?

Has anyone solved this problem before?

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Use Active window activity
—inside that use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as esc, but don’t select any element as a selector,
Just the hot key alone
Another option as mentioned earlier we can use CLICK IMAGE activity
Like some of the windows update will be having a button in it named OK or CLOSE
If there is any such image we can select that image OK or CLOSE Button region alone using CLICK IMAGE activity so that if the bot sees that image it will click on that button

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Violet