Exception occurring in middle of workflow

Hello ,
I have bot running on server and sometimes there is windows updates popup occurring in the middle of screen causing problem for bot to run and it fails. windows update popups occurs on occasional timings and i have tried to stop it but it is recommended by our system admin. is there any other way to clear this windows updates like whenever it occurs bot sees it and closes it? any suggestions on clearing this exception?

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Try the below steps

  1. Use “Element Exists” activity to indicate the popup screen → Set boolean value
    “PopupExists” as output.
  2. In If condition → If(PopupExists)
    Then → Use “Click” activity, to click the popup “Ok” button.
    Else → Continue with your stuff.
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Although it might not be very good way, how about using Parallel activity as the following?

It can be handled at any time it pops up.

Isolate option of Invoke Workflow might be better to turn on.



@Yoichi Yes i was looking for this kind of fix . so anytime in my running workflow if popups appears than it will close it and resume the running workflow , right?


Usually in this scenario it’s always best to use PARALLEL ACTIVITY and it seems it would be the most ideal but only if you use an Invoke Workflow in parallel, and you also must have it exit when your process exits with additional logic.

The ParallelActivity activity lets you schedule two or more child SequenceActivity activity branches for processing at the same time. Although branch SequenceActivity activities are scheduled to start processing at the same time, they do not start processing at the same time. Processing begins with the execution of one activity that is contained in one of the SequenceActivity branches. When that activity is completed, the next activity in sequence in another branch executes, and so on. Activity execution switches between the SequenceActivity branches, with one activity executing at a time until all the SequenceActivity branches finish executing. This completes the processing of the ParallelActivity activity. ParallelActivity does not guarantee the exact order of execution across the SequenceActivity branches

So in your case you can have a sequence of activity to close that pop up in one branch and call your entire process workflow using INVOKE WORKFLOW activity as another branch

Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @utsav.patel

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Technically speaking, both lane run at same time.
Combination of Parallel activity and Invoke Workflow file activity with Isolate option mostly provide real parallel execution. (See the following topic in details) Although it might not be 100%, can mostly prevent the trouble in this case, i think. I’m glad if you can share result.

Note: I forgot to mention that ContinueOnError property of Click should be set True in the above sample workflow.