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"I am doing automation for application, Where I am getting one popup randomly, there is no fix pattern. Whenever that popup will appear I have to click on “Close” good part is its selector is always same.

Can anyone suggest how to handle this type of popup" How to handle random popup

Option 1: using a thread in parallel to click on “Close”

Option 2: to develop a “Popup scope” that checks after each activity if the popup is present on the screen.

Option 3: to develop a “Catch&Continue scope” that catches all exceptions, handles them and continues with the activity that threw the exception.

Any other option?

Oracle EBS forms process automate

I usually go with option 1 and have the continue on error button set to true. This takes care of most everything as long as a reliable selector can be used.

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lol @Dave, it is because he made an edit to the post today.

Normally of what I see is that random popups only occur in specific moments of the process, and they either show up or they don’t. In that case, you can simply use the ContinueOnError property of the Close action.

The tricky part is when you don’t know when the popup will show, and it could show any time during the process. I have not worked with parallel enough, but it seems that it would be the most ideal but only if you use an Invoke Workflow in parallel, and you also must have it exit when your process exits with additional logic. I don’t know if there really is a better option, if your goal is to simply close a window each time it shows up.

However, if you are trying to solve for random occurrences that cause your process to fail, I would take the error handling approach, where you basically catch the error then perform a retry on that item that was being processed. In this solve, you would need to restart the part of the process that was occuring. I use this most of the time and keeps my process reliable.


We’re working at a feature for this year. Generic exception handler.


Some things work out of the box though. What are you struggling with?


Hey Ancher,

Working on Oracle forms so created this topic.
Will publish my finding on same.

Vivek S.


Cool. Looking forward to seeing it.


Hi Vivek,
were you able to automate the forms for oracle EBS? please let me know


how to handle popups in oracle EBS?


Hi Priya,

Yes, I am able to perform the operation on oracle forms.
Let me know you are still facing issue and what kind of issue.

Vivek S.


Hi Arun,

Did you to handle just closing popup or want to read the text and perform some operation.

Vivek S.


hi @vivek_shiv

yes i want to read the text and perform respective action like yes or no, save or cancel etc.

but when i use the UiExplorer on the popup windows in EBS it is throwing error saying index out of range,

i think some how i need to increase the size of collection because whenever the selectors having more than two java tags it is throwing errors of index out of range, increase the collection size

if that is the case, then help how to increase the collection size of uipath studio


Hi Arun,

Sorry for late reply as was stuck in another process.
Let me know if issue solves to read the text from oracle popup or not?

Vivek S.


yes i’m able to get the text from popups by using getVisibleText on parent window which gives me complete visible text and then after using the substring to retrieve the requestID

but i wonder is this the only way to handle the popups


Thanks for the information on Oracle EBS.


Hi Arun,

So far there is no other finding to handle the popup window. Will update once get something.

Vivek S.