Issue with Show Form Activity in UiPath 23.10.6: "Could not find form (NoMapEntry)" Error


I’m encountering an issue with the Show Form activity in UiPath, specifically with version 23.10.6.

Problem Description:

The Show Form activity works correctly the first time I use it. However, when I modify the HTML content and try to run the form again, I receive the following error:

Show Form: Could not find form ‘{{FormId}}’. (NoMapEntry)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use the Show Form activity with an initial HTML content.
  2. The form displays and functions correctly.
  3. Modify the HTML content.
  4. Run the Show Form activity again.
  5. Encounter the error message.

Additional Information:

  • The issue seems to occur only after modifying the HTML content.
  • I have tried various modifications, but the error persists.


  1. Has anyone else experienced this issue with version 23.10.6 of the Form dependency?
  2. Are there any known workarounds or solutions to prevent this error from occurring after modifying the HTML content?
  3. Could this be a bug in the current version, and should I consider downgrading or upgrading to a different version?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I believe you need to map the html file again if you are modifying for it to get updated

alternately try removing the .objects etc temporary folders and check …they would be recreated once you reopen the project


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Hi @Anil_G ,

Thank you for your response.
Yes, it does work, but I still believe it might be a bug.
Additionally, this way of operating is not very convenient.


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