UiPath Forms has been version 1.1.8.

But the FormIO.JS have already been out of date. I want to update formIO files for some bug fixes. Is it possible if I update the js and css files locally?

By the way, the form.activity uses version 4.9 RC. form.activitylibrary uses version 4.10. I think they should be the same version to avoid some problems.

Hi @arrowwind, Are you facing any specific issue for which a resolution is expected? Are you using Create Forms activity or Create Form Task?

Best, Liji

I tried before to update files manually and I think it’s not an available solution.

I personally have more than 10 problems with form.activity which are not problem on I even reported some of them in forum.
i wish form.activity updates brought to front for dev team in uipath packages…

Hi @ali_fath,
I tried to run a search on your past forum entries and have difficulty determining which issues have been resolved and which are still open. Are you able to share some of your insight and issues with forms? Thanks for your time!

Hi @arrowwind - can you specify the specific problems you are having with this. In case you were not aware, if you install the forms.activity package, it brings in all of its dependencies (e.g. libraries) – see attach pic, so you should not have to install the dependent forms libraries separately. If your issue goes beyond this, kindly advise. We’re also looking into your inquiry about the JS and CSS files.

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I’m really glad you are pursuing these problems. i didn’t know i should install system.threading.tasks.extensions
what are these packages?
are they vaital to run forms??
however after install these dependencies, problem of reppeating form is still here even in 2021.4 stable verion and form 1.2.1 preview

let me list them here again

  1. if we have a form that has activities in the Do sequence of form, when trying to reopen such a form in the process we end with a weird bug that opens multiple windows of form which results to a crash.

  2. we cant use file or image in form with links that has white space or 25% or anything else and also we cant use non English characters like Persian or Arabic words

  3. we cant use a keyboard shortcut like ENTER when a form opens and it’s mandatory to use a mouse to click on a button. this scenario gets worse when you have barcode scanner which hit enter automatically after writing the text of a barcode.

  4. you cant use long text files like style or script in the custom HTML element of a form. it has a character limit

  5. also we cant use linked CSS and js files to run in the form area.

  6. you cant choose the local font for Form theme, only google fonts are available, this is a disaster for non-English languages.

  7. RTL is not supported in forms, you can add some style: “drection:rtl”, but not everywhere.\

  8. forms acts very sensitive when you pass datatable to them, for example, if you have a Null value in your datatable, when you passing it to Form it response differently, some times, it returns null, and some times returns an empty table, specially with Boolean data

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Hi @arrowwind - this is not something that users can do. We customize engine with additional security features and testing before updates. If you have specific bugs, feature request, or issues, please feel free to add so we can help. Thanks.

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