While creating UiPath Forms, unable to edit newly added components

Scenario : I have top label on my form, followed by another header and then a button. Now, when I try and edit the button, it doesn’t let me unless I shift the second header to top. It seems as if button is getting hidden by upper component.

Hi @Tamanna_Jain
Can you post a screenshot or video/gif of the locking issue?
In Form Designer, the buttons and their containers both get the settings option and sometimes can overlap.

Attached is the video @RPAForEveryone

There seems to be some HTML content which is not rendered properly.
Are you passing a collection through input parameters to be rendered on to the form?
Try creating a separate form and see whether you can reproduce the issue.

Also, may I suggest to use the latest but only stable version of activities?
In the off chance that you’re on UiPath 2020.10 version, the latest stable release just became available within the last 24 hours.
Maybe a reinstall will fix the problem.

Thanks for the update @RPAForEveryone . I am working with latest stable release as well as I have tried to re do the form from scratch. However no luck. Still face the same issue.
Wrt HTML element , the value from it will be coming as a part of json data and post that it will get rendered.

What is the recent stable release for form activity?

There doesn’t seem to a recent prerelease version, so as long as you’re on 1.1.7 it should be alright.

But to me, it seems the HTML being passed in could explain this behaviour.
Can you please elaborate what exactly is being rendered on the form and how are achieving it?

@RPAForEveryone HTML component is configured to use img tag with src=data.Logo where Loho is a jpeg base 64 string passed from the forms input field collection

@Tamanna_Jain Can you maybe save the Form as Template, and send the template here, Just to check it. Looks interesting.

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