Issue with Send HotKeys




I have a weird behavior with my script. I tried to search before posting but nothing found.
Sometimes when I use the Send HotKeys activity, some keys are not released (alt or shift for example) and the script crashes because the other actions are impacted.

I am using a VM if matters.

Did someone got a similar problem ?

Thank you.



Yes i have had a similar issue when using the send hotkey activity through RDP sessions to a VM. Our problem was when we used send hotkey (ctrl + c) it sometimes typed the char “c” instead of copying the selected text. We solved it by using mouse clicks instead.

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Thank you for the tip.
I will try it and keep you in touch.


You can also use TypeInto if you continue to have issues.
k is for keypress
d is for down keypress
u is for up keypress

For example,
TypeInto “[d(ctrl)]c[u(ctrl)]”

Then adjust the delay between characters.

You can use multiple key combinations in one line if you want as well. But, beware that it performs quickly so you might need a slight delay between actions.



Very nice tip.

Thank you.


I tried sending hotkeys to Desktop but getting the error below, please anyone resolve this, See Error image is

workflow file image is


  1. Don t Indicate the desktop, leave the send hotkey activity as it is
  2. You should send win+r not win+R
  3. When doing the type in, before, i would suggest an activate window to make sure you have it selected


Do you know how to use type into activity for “ctrl” + v?


Yeah, like I mentioned above,
k => keypress
d => down keypress
u => up keypress

So, if you put this into a string you get: "[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]"

You can place that string in the Type Into activity, and it will press down control, type v, then release up control; if you don’t release the control key, it will be stuck down.



sent the hot key without selecting the desktop.