Repeated keys sent when using Send Hotkey or Type Into in a virtual desktop


Has anybody seen during execution of a Send Hotkey or Type Into activity the key sent multiple times ? I have a Ctrl + v sent 5-6 times instead of 1 and some characters within a Type Into multiplied for no apparent reason eg. eeeeooos . I send these commands in a virtual desktop that i connect to via Vmware. This issue occurs if using both Computer Vision scope or Remote Desktop plugin. Any ideas on what could happen ?

Hi @Aura_D, I use a virtual desktop via VMWare too and I have not personally encountered either of the issues you mentioned. However, you can use some delays in Type Into (like delay between keys) or Delay Before or Delay After and check if they make a difference. Also, you could trying using a Slow Step while debugging to check if the error occurs.

I have tried to play with the proprieties but the issue seem to occur ‘inside’ 1 character keystroke and not between the characters. Because the issue is not reproducing all the time and not in the same place debugging is very difficult. Nobody has seen this issue before ?

I’m facing the same issue using VMWare and I have no clue why it happens. Delay Between Keys, Delay Before or Delay After make no difference. Need help!!!