Issue with Job parameters in Orchestrator

Hi All,

At the moment I’m working on the “Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training”. And I have issues with passing parameters to my robot.

A few words about my environment: UiPath Comunity 2018.4, Orchestrator ( connected to the

I created a simple workflow which contains one IN and one OUT arguments. However after publishing it to the Orchestrator i can see the following message “Input parameters are not defined for this version”.

Can somebody give me a hint what is wrong in my workflow? Which steps or configs did I miss?

Thanks in advance. (9.9 KB)

no one knows the answer :frowning:

even I am facing same issue

@madsps Can i know what exactly you are doing. ur just using message box and input box in same workflow. arguments are used while passing values to other workflows or getting values from other workflows.

@ritasonak What issue ur facing?

Hi, what I’m trying to do is to get pass some input data from Orchestrator to the robot and than get Output date fro the Robot to Orchestrator.

So my workflow has 2 arguments (1 In and 1 out). However when I publish it to the orchestrator it says “Input parameters are not defined for this version”

@madsps for getting data from orchestrator u have to use get transaction item activity and provided specific queue name which exists in orchestrator then u can data from orchestrator. Arguments which u declared is not useful

thanks for the replay. However, the “Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training” says it should work without any additional activities (like “get transaction”). they have almost the same examples like attached in the first post.

Anyway I’ll try to check your proposal.

@madsps You have to get data from orchestrator using “Get Transaction item” activity, directly u can’t get data from orchestrator. You might have missed part in video

so, I read about “Get Transaction item” activity - it gets an item from the queue. And I’m talking about In and Out parameters

Also, I watched mentioned video one more time and they didn’t use any additional activities to work with In and Out Parameters.

@madsps can you share video link in which they specified about job parameters.

Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training

“Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Video Part 2” starting from 10m

still no ideas?

Hi @madsps

This is strange, because your example works fine for me.

Could you let us know the exact point at which you get the error message Input parameters are not defined for this version?

This is how the Process looks for me in Orchestrator:

When run, it returns the proper value of the output argument:

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Hi @loginerror,

I just downloaded my zip and Published it one more time. My conf is the same: UiPath Studio Comunity 2018.4.1, Orchestrator Comunity 2019.1.0-CE.0 connected to the MyGet. About robot configuration: Standard Machine + Standard Robot
Here is my Process window

Just for the onformation: all other Orchestrator features work perfectly (Assets, Queues etc.)

Could you update your Studio Community to 2019.1? It should actually update by itself, but with the Robot connected it won’t. So please disconnect the robot, restart Studio and then restart it again after a minute or so. You should be updated to 2019.1, which is the version I tested it with myself.

the same issue with the latest studio. Maybe it is somehow related to MyGet…

Hi @madsps

did you resolve your issue? Im having the same problem :confused:


i’m also facing the same problem.Did you guys resolved it??

Hi @Viswanadh_Chowdary

for me it randomly started to work again… don’t really know why :sweat_smile: