Issue when starting a Job with Input Parameters using Orchestrator API

Hi everyone!

I am facing an issue when trying to start a job with input parameters from the Orchestrator API. The body of the request I’m sending is the following:


In paralel, in the UiPath code I have the declared input argument in the Main.xaml:

I published it like this in Orchestrator:

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong in the API request?

Thanks for your help!

Marina - Are you using the 'OrchestratorQueueName in anywhere in the application scope?
if not - please delete the ‘OrchestratorQueueName’, validate your project, publish to Orchestrator and try.


I did so and now it runs with no problem at all :slight_smile:

Looks like or you inform about ALL input parameters, or you leave them ALL empty. But it has problems dealing with some filled in arguments and not others.

Thanks a lot!

All input arguments should pass while initiating start job through API. It is a best practice to remove unused arguments to the workflows.


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