Issue with Job parameters in Orchestrator

You have to download the nuget package as well and add it via manage packages. Then it should work.

Hello All,

Create a input parameter in “Arguments” tab as shown below:

and publish the package and make the necessary changes in the orchestrator to update the package version.
The parameter will reflect in Processes as below:

Not sure if this relevant to anyone but if you create a sequence in the Main xaml file and put your argument in and out, it should then appear in your orchestrator after you publish it.

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Hi @jordan.chang

I think this will only work if you initialize your argument from the Arguments panel, and not later on in the workflow.

Yep,I try,and it work. Don’t know why. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the arguments are defined in the main workflow but you can’t see them when you publish the package to Orchestrator, there is most probably something wrong in project.json.
Open project.json in a notepad editor and make sure the project name is corresponding to main.xaml and also that arguments are defined in there.
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Hi my friend i have the solution.
1- Open with notepad the .JSON file in your proyect
2- Add this code:

“arguments”: {
“input”: [

“name”: “ProcesoConsola”,
“type”: “System.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089”,
“required”: false,
“hasDefault”: false

3- Reemplace your Argument Name in them. Add each line depend the arguments number, in my example is only 1 argument with the name “ProcesoConsola”.
4- This a example


5- Save your .JSON file.

6 - Export your proyect to orquestrator and now you can see your argument.
7- the result its below.




Send a DM for more information.