Issue with Get text action

I have recently started the UiPath Academy and the build your first automation with StudioX.
However, I am having issue with the get text action where I have to save the information I selected from your ACME System 1 - Dashboard website.
When I click on the + sign to save the information in my excel file, studioX doesn’t not find the excel file I have previously selected in an action above.
I even try to do a save to clipboard then type into and select the excel file but then I get this error message:
"Indicate in Excel failed. Error: Cannot attach to document ‘Invoice.xlsx’. Make sure it is already open in excel.
Could not attach to any existing Excel instances.

I did not have this issue in the previous version of StudioX when I did the course “Get Started with StudioX”.

I don’t know if anyone already encountered this issue, and if someone could help me.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Anthony47
Welcome to UiPath Community
Open the excel and try to indicate the element from the activity.

I can’t, it doesn’t give me the option to do so.
StudioX does not find the excel file, even though I used it in the previous action

Please provide some screenshot

@Anthony47 close the excel and open it again.Then delete the activity and again try to add the element.

I was able to find the reason behind that bug, some of the studioX packages were not up to date so I did the update and it is now working properly.
Thanks for the help

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