Unable to Indicate Excel

Hi Team,

I am unable to indicate the excel . Getting the below error message.

“error fetching data - The Process can not access the file \x\x\x\x\Project_Notebook xlsx”
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the uipath.exe file twice.

Please suggest!

Suresh Ghadai

Hi @Suresh_Ghadai1
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When you create a new project in StudioX, a folder structure and certain files are created inside the project folder. Project_Notebook.xlsx is one such file.

You can access your project folder using this menu in StudioX.

Check if your file has a different name, and if so, make sure your erroneous code is changed to point to the right file (either by renaming the file or changing the name in code)
I hope this helps.

Office 365 has been installed in my system. still i am getting this error while indicating excel in studio X.

Please suggest.

image 20.10.2+Branch.master.Sha.cf481ddc1ae94ab83e743f85d96fbfeca8fc705c

Failed to activate the Excel Expression Add-in.

StudioX needs an Add-in application to interact well with Microsoft Excel. The prompt is asking you to install the Add-in.

It’s possible that if you’re using your work computer, then organizational policies may be blocking the add-in from functioning.
Go to Excel Options and check that the ‘UiPath Integration for Excel’ add-in is not disabled.