Keeping excel open


I am new to UI Path and i am currently trying to create my first automation. to do this i need to open excel and for it to stay open. i can open excel but then excel closes, is there a way to stop this from happening. i see other people have mentioned using excel application scope but this is not an option in my version of studiox community, is there a way i can get this?

Thanking you in advance.


Hi @Elliot_Black

is there an activity called start process in studiox , if it present we can open the excel file by providing file path along with the file name

not that i can see, i have use excel file and use application/browser

This is an alternate solution ,

use send hotkey activity (Wind + R - it will open run command) and once its opened type excel using type into activity and click ok using click activity.

It will open an blank excel.


what if i want it to open a specific excel file?

Once black excel is opened use ctrl + 0 in send hotkey activity and type the file path you want to open.

Hi @Elliot_Black,
At what point does Excel close for you? Using StudioX I have been able to keep my Excel spreadsheet open and have UiPath read it using the Activities:
‘Use Excel File’
‘For Each Excel Row’
The good part is that I don’t even have to save my spreadsheet for UiPath to read the changes dynamically.

at the moment i am trying just to open a file so it was one step. it opened the file, then closed. i am now checking if i build in some actions if it will do the actions then close. if it does that then it might be ok

ill give this a go, thank you

Hi @Elliot_Black ,
Ok, I think I understand what you are trying to do. To learn these basic core loops I decided I would commit to doing some of the courses from the Academy instead of learning the basics on my own.
For Excel+Web Browser integration, I highly recommend the toy example (‘What is my Unicorn Name?’) given in the course below (“Get Started with StudioX”). For me this is an RPA ‘Hello World’ example:

By doing this example, I learned several small things (ie. Special Keys) that I would not have figured out by myself.

thank you all, i thought i needed excel open to do what i wanted but turns out i didnt. i have 2 further problems. one of which is saving the file as i want to add in a date stamp to the file name but how do i do this? i tried following this Save file with todays date - Help - UiPath Community Forum but i wasnt sure how to implement it.

please ignore my last post i think i got it to work