Get text save to excel is not showing

Can someone help why save to excel is not showing to select the particular excel file.

Hello @Siva_Ranjan , Welcome to the Uipath community.
Kindly share more details which help us to provide a better solution to you.
You are using get text activity, get some value, and storing in a string variable.
Need to pass the specific value to the excel sheet?
If yes can use the excel activity and write the cell activity to pass the data to excel sheet.

Hi @Siva_Ranjan

Have you checked after given the complete file path of the excel?

Try that if not appears try to update all package and try once.


@Siva_Ranjan , Try the activity inside the Excel application scope or excel file card

Ok thanks let me try

Hi still I am not getting the “indicate in excel” option

Am trying to do the “First Automation using Microsoft office” as shown in the video I have followed all the steps yet. While trying to use “Get text” I am unable to select the invoice in “Save to” option.

Is there any other way I can do this.

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Just to post on this thread also , we found an issue that the option for saving the output of a get text activity in an excel file using indicate in excel is disabled for the “UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[22.10.1]” , and we made the change and the fix should be available in the next release ( alternatively one could update to “UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[22.10.2]” )


Thanks for the update @dragos.suma

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