Issue with "Filter Data Table" activity, error states that the value for argument 'ColumnName' is not set or valid

I am trying filter a CSV file based on a 11 digit account number located in the first column of the data table. I have set the “Filter Rows” to keep the column titled “Account” were all numbers equal 431-0014-7365. As for the output, I have requested to keep all the columns in the data table that has the account number that the data table has been filtered for.

Both input and output variables are DataTable

I tried to do what you described and it seems it’s working fine: (2.4 KB)

That error appears when you specify a column name that doesn’t exist in the table you’re trying to filter, so you might want to double check the names of the columns for typos.


Thank you - if there is no title in the row 1, is it possible to use the titles in a lower row i.e. the titles for this table are A3 to N3. Or do you use the columns as title i.e. “Col0”, “Col1” etc.

Is there anything that comes before the title in row 3?

If you’re using the Read Range activity, then you can specify it to read from row 3 (this option isn’t available in the Read CSV activity though).

You might also want to uncheck Add Headers (or uncheck Include Column Names in the Read CSV activity) and then work with the default names (Column1, Column2, etc) or the indices (0, 1, etc): (2.6 KB)

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