Filter Data table activity gives error

Filter Data Table: the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.

Hello all, I want that those column name start with NAR are to be copied in new sheet of same excel in A1 Cell.


Filter Data Table works only if you gave the column and the rows to filter by giving the condition

If you can provide more details like by sharing the sample input and output required, screenshots that will help better to understand your issue


Doc1.docx (93.0 KB)


If you want to check the column Names then

  1. Read Range to read the excel file and create a variable for Output as a Datatable
  2. Place a For Each activity in that write as DtVariable.Columns
  3. Inside that put a If condition and place Item.Startswith(“NAR”) then you can keep your logic

Hope this may help you


Hi @dhanashree22 ,

  1. Open excel scope and read the excel file and save the output to datatable.

  2. Outside the excelscope call the filer datatable activity and just give the column name as it is in double quotes.

how to put dtvarible.column in for each activity .please give some screenshot of this




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