Filter Data Table: the value for argument 'Column Name' is not set or is invalid, filter table issue

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Filter Data Table: the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.

In the place of contains i tried using = but still same issue I am facing, what i should do. Please help me on this…


Seems like you have not provided the Column Name argument for the activity. Can you please click on the Configure Filter & send us the screenshot, so that we can analyze it?

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Hi @arjunshenoy ,
Filter not working

If you are getting the data table data from the Read Range activity, please specify the exact range from which to read the data. Also, please put a breakpoint on the filter data table activity & in the immediate panel, and check whether you are getting column names correctly or not.

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Headers are being written into excel but it is not filtering the data as we given in filter data table.

@arjunshenoy , what ever the column names i am getting are correct, but not filtering. What to do…

Please check if there are any spaces at the end of the name…the column names should be exactly matching


Hi @Anil_G , the column names are exactly same as in the data table… But i am not getting why is this issue.

Please try using this in log message activity…which will print the column names …sure that there miust be some change or extra spaces

String.Join(",",(From dc In dt.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn) Select dc.ColumnName).ToArray())

Here dt is your datatable


Its displaying only first row data

That is not the first row but the header of the table…

To confirm please open the datatable from locals panel and check the first row that you see…that ideally is the column names


@Anil_G ,

Please look on the attached screenshot

As per screenshot the column name is no. Of invoices and therw are no other columns in your table


Hi @Anil_G , Actually same workflow is working fine in windows legacy but not working in windows…
What to do.

Not sure how it is working there and what changes have been made here…but clearly there is only one column you have to investigate the table extraction for proper data as the input itself is not proper


Take a look at how the Dt_temp datatable is getting created. Looks like that is the root of the problem and not the filtering.

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for helping. Issue resolved, in read range I updated the range as "" then the issue resolved.
In windows we need to specify the range whereas in windows legacy range can be left blank.

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