Filter Data Table: The value for argument 'Column Name' is not set or invalid

I am having this error when I try to filter data from this table, can someone please help me on how to solve this.

Hi @Mannix_Tapawan, this generally happens when the column name is wrong. Can you please recheck it to see if there is an extra space or something in the original name? Also, please refer to these links:


In addition to what @KM1996 has told

Kindly check that during datascraping the type column is scrapping correctly or not

If it is not scrapping correctly provide some delay before datascraping


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thanks guys, I didn’t do anything but it somehow fixed itself :slight_smile:


I know this is an old post but I’m digging it up to post an update for anyone who finds it.

The issue is that the Extract Table Data activity doesn’t return any data. So you have an initialized datatable that has no columns in it, so the column filter in Filter Data Table fails.

If it’s incorrect that Extract returns no data, fix that. If there truly isn’t any data for it to gather in some situations, make sure to use Build Data Table so the columns exist even though there are no rows. I didn’t try it, but another possible solution may just be to put an If around the Filter activity, and set the condition yourDt.RowCount > 0


Thank you! This solved the issue for me

It helped! Thank you