Csv + the value for argument 'Column Name' is not set or is invalid

Version 1019.10.0-beta.484 is throwing this error while using a filter datatable.

I’ve used a read csv to read the data, however the filter datatable doesn’t seem to work.

Anybody else facing this issue?


Have you checked Include Columns option in properties of Read CSV activity or not ?

Try using excel scope and dont forget to check ‘add headers’ property and then use filter data table, this should in theory solve your problem.

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i hope the improper column name mentioned in FILTER DATATABLE activity might also result this error
kindly put the column name within double quotes like this “your columnname”
–because by default include column names in both read csv file and also read range will be enabled

Cheers @ANSHUL

yes, but the problems seems to be something else.

I’m using CSV, hence using read CSV activity.

Tried, this already.

can i have a view on the filter datatable wizard with a screenshot
Cheers @ANSHUL

CSV is also integrated as excel and if the application is installed it should work. I think there might be a logical issue as @Palaniyappan mentioned.

To deep dive into this triage post your xamls here with the input file

Add Client Name Column in Join Data Table once again as “ClientName” and delete the old one. was getting the same error,worked for me.

I ran into this issue too. In my case the problem was in creating csv file. I put spaces between values after the commas. Like “FirstName, Age, Phone”. So when I realized it I added the space in Filter Activity so my column became " Age" instead of “Age” and it worked. Good luck to everybody!)

hello, i am also having same problem.while usimg read csv with filter datatable