I cannot start job in Orchestrator

Hi, All.
I ask you a question.

I setup the Orchestrator, so I want to start job.
But I cannot.
The message is Info : “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password”.

What is the Username and Password?
This is the same as the Username and Password to use entering the Orchestrator?
OR, Are they the same as those on the Settings in the Orchestrator?

Please tell me.


Hi @Mickey,
You can check the credentials in the Robots section whether you have correct credentials or not, to login into the machine.

Hi @jibanjyoti
Thank you for your answer.

How can I check the credentials?
I dont know where it is…

The credentials you have given while adding the provision robot is the one i am looking at.
You cannot see the password, just type your updated password and you should able to login. You can physically(without robot, manually) verify by using the credentials and check whether you are able to login or not.

Thank you.
You said, “login” means where?
Is the same as username and password to open the PC?

Yes @Mickey

Yes and if you are on some domain like Corp\username then mention like that .

Oh, I will use that !
Thank you!!!

What if it’s a local computer that don’t belong to a domain?
Orchestrated “forces” me to enter a domain name in the form “Domain/username”