System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied - Troubleshoot steps

Issue Description

Launch processes from the orchestrator to the robot. But we have an error message.

Issue: Error : Executor start process failed, reason System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied.

Troubleshooting steps

1. Please clarify if you have kept the password field blank while provisioning the Robot in Orchestrator.

Note:  you will have to provide both domain\username and password for Orchestrator to create a Remote session on Robot /Studio machine. 

Username - If your Robot username is in a domain please write it in the “domain\username” format.
Password - Provide the password to login to the Host machine.

(please open command prompt and execute “whoami” without quotes and output you see in the command prompt window should be used as “username” while provisioning the robot)

2. Go to services.msc and look for the service “UiRobot” and check under what useraccount it is running.
Please change the account under which UiRobot service was running to localsystem . (Identify if the Robot is running under robot service account, changed that to local system)
localsystem (which is default configuration) this ensures that service has access to all local resources.
( Run -> Services.msc -> UiPath Robot )

3. Login into the robot machine with the same user with which you have provisioned the robot in Orchestrator.
Execute the process from Robot tray and confirm if you see the same behavior.
In case if it fails, provide the admin privilege to the Robot.

Note: In few known scenarios IT service team withdrew admin rights for the user account which is essential for the Robot.