Issue while entering data to a text box value in Oracle EBS site

For working with Oracle EBS site we have install Java extensions,extensions from Uipath were installed successfully.
But when trying to enter or select a text box value in tabs column not able to recognize the control as is considering as image.

In below screen able to enter value in Name or Description or inactive date.

But not able to select text box in tabs .Eg:Address style is considered as an image.

I will always revert to using send hotkeys and tabbing to the data field I need when working with on-premise Oracle. much more reliable I have found.

Hello @ndivya,

I think the new feature computer Vision AI will work like a charm for you, give it a try!


Tried using CV screen scope to get the Pop-up details from AI vision activities.below warning message was shown
While trying to get textbox value below msg came

As I said, I use the send hotkey function and tab to the field I need to enter data.

By using short cut key how can we read the data from a textbox and store to a variable.Using Tabs we can go to particular text box but how to read the data.
Eg:I want to store India in a variable from below screen shot

When you tab to that cell does it allow you to send a copy hotkey, ctrl+c?