SAP B1 client

What is the best way to get element like textbox on SAP B1 Client UI, Now it can select only activated textbox or scraping text on screen.

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Hi @nabhats

Could you provide more context? Would this thread help you a bit?

Thanks but this is setting for SAP ERP, There is not in SAP Business One.
For more detail:
In SAP Business One Client, I want to type into all fields in User-Defined Fields window but I cannot get element of text input. only clicked text input can get element but it always return same element detail.

Would sending hotkeys solve your issue? It often tends to be a fast method of inputting data in SAP automation in general.

Also, please post a screenshot of the particular form. An image can mean more than a hundred words :slight_smile:

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Yes, I try to click at first text-input and send hotkey(Tab) to another. but some text-input when the cursor focus on it and I send the hotkey(Tab), It will open another popup to choose data to fill data in text-input, I want to skip this text-input, Do you have another hotkey to do this?

Sorry, I cannot post the screenshot.

How about first Click activity to click the field, then Send Hotkey with Escape key to cancel the input and then Send Hotkey again to Tab through?

Hi @nabhats,

I know this is a post from very long ago, but do you have any solutions for this? Heard that SAP B1 is different from SAP.

It can detect menu icon on main windows form but cannot detect element in sub form. At that time, I use click text with adjust mouse position to click textbox. however today you should use the vision activities. It might be better than my original way.

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Hi @nabhats,

Thanks for replying! Sure thing, thanks for sharing that you were able do it by adjusting mouse position. I was trying with a click image, but of course that isn’t the most reliable method.