How to handle Oracle EBS List of values in UIPath


I am trying to automate a process in Oracle EBS using UIPath, the challenge I am having is to handle list of values in UI Path.

For example, my bot is taking a data from excel cell and typing into a Oracle EBS (Let’s say ship to location) once I tab out from that field, Oracle validates the value that bot is entered the text. If the values matches then it will allow you to navigate to next field, if not Oracle will prompt to select one from existing list of values.

My question is how do you handle the LOV window in UI Path?

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I see it selector issue, please use Launch Ui Explorer and try different modes under settings. This should solve your problem.

Hi @Sudhakar_Pochiraju

I know this menu very well :smiley: There are no selectors for items on the list, however there is a workaround!

I solved it in my workflows by retyping the full value in the Find textbox as %yourvalue% and then clicking on Find. Because values are unique, it will immediately select the proper value.

You do need to type in the full value though.


Thanks for your suggestion. I am trying use hot key ctrl + l for list of values then type into as you suggested.

Is there any way we can handle the validation of the text, in EBS LOV popup immediately if the value is invalid and how to handle the response, let’s say clear that field and move to next if the field is non-mandatory.


I am not sure about your particular workflow, but there should be a status bar/label at the bottom left of the application that gives some feedback about the search values.