Oracle EBS

I’m working in oracle application, In this screenshot I want to select only one contact but, same contact name is present multiple times in that case I want to check with particular address and I have to select a contact.
I have tried with Select item, generate table, Screen scrapping, Get full text, I have checked selector and changed to static still am facing problem.
For Example: First name and last name are Bharat Singh for multiple records I need to consider address and have to select that.

Were you able to automate EBS using Uipath?


Hi All,
I also have similar issue. Especially with the popup wherein controls like Text Box can be identified but for some reason I am unable to highlight the element and it is failing whereas when i try using UiExplorer and try to select the control it works fine but same select does not work in TypeInto Activity.

I am using UiPath 2018.4.1 Version and Oracle EBS 12 (Oracle Apps 12.2.5) and JRE 1.8.0_201

Let me know if any one of you can help.

One advise I can give here is that if you have a unique identifier in that table, then you will be able to directly select the value by typing it in-between two percentage signs like so:
and then clicking on Find (not OK).

It might result in a pop-up, but then you just have to retype it again with % signs.

Solution to this was re-installation of Java Bridge within Uipath Studio

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