Issue trying to read value from Oracle EBS

I am attempting to read a value from EBS and store it as a variable to use later in an “IF” activity. I have tried OCR, Copy Selected Text, Get Text, Send Hot Keys with a Ctrl + C and then a Get from Clipboard, but nothing is working. I saw a similar post to this, but that was Oracle Forms vs Oracle EBS, which I believe is a java applet window. Can anyone assist with how I can grab the text in the screenshot shown?

Hi Angela, iam facing the exact problem, did you solve it? Can you help pls?

I am having the same issue here. Tried to read the status bar error message using Get Text and then writing it in excel. But instead of reading the status bar message, it’s reading the Title of the window and writing it in excel.

. Did you have any solution to capture error message from Status bar or from dialog box?

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Do you have java extension installed?

Yes, I have installed Java extension installed. I am able to key the value from Excel into Oracle EBS but not able to captured the error message returned from Application into Excel back for taking further action.

When you use the UiExplorer and point to the message, what is the selector you are able to build?

Here is selector build using UiExplorer with anchor based element.

Any update here on the issue reported?

You didnt show us the selector you are able to get…

Can we have screen share session? I need to show the process flow and the issue encountered.

sorry, i dont have the time…