Issue in UIpath community edition

Dear team,
I need an urgent help on uipath, till last week i was practicing easily with UI path community edition.
The moment i provisioned my bot, i started getting error that license is not acquired.(I was able to create my sequence but i was not able to run it due to this error)
So i thought to uninstall and install as per a suggestion i read in forum, i went to my orchestrator and downloaded the studio from there and installed ,however whenever i am trying to login it is showing can not acquire licensee. Can any one help me to make it work. Please help
Jyothi Sajith

Hello @Jyothilekshmi_menon ,

Can you please attach a screenshot from where you see the error?

In orchestrator, did you assign license for this tenant you use?

Are there any available licenses?


Dear Vasil,
Thanks for your support

I am attaching a file where I have described my issues and current status of assistance, studio, orchestrator.

I am a learner and i am completely confused about the orchestrator, license and user (everything was going fine till the new studio update).

I was on the verge of certification and suddenly i am getting a lot of issues, it may affect my learning. If you could reset my orchestrator as usual or guide me to synchronise the Studio- Assistant -orchestrator trios it will be really helpful for me to achieve my certification

Please let me know if you need any new screen shots needed.



UIpath Activitry performed using orchestrator.docx (608 KB)

Hi @Jyothilekshmi_menon

To make things easy, I would suggest creating a new account and simply follow these steps:
Forum FAQ - How to start using UiPath (how to download Studio and configure your robot)

For attended robot, it will be as easy as logging in to your new account.

For unattended, see here for all the required steps: