Local License for UIPath Assistant

Good afternoon. I’m attempting to run an automation using UiPath Assistant, but it’s asking for a license. I do have one. Where or how do I enter it?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Hi @gustavo_marrufo

Go to your profile in right hand side top corner and click on orchestrator settings…
From there sign in to your orchestrator cloud with your credentials.

May be this video will also help you
Hope it helps!!

Hi @gustavo_marrufo

Follow the below thread

Hope it helps!!

My apologies for not bringing this on my previous request, but I’m attempting to use Assistant on Offline Mode. We do not have Orchestrator. is there still a way to enter my license?

For using the assistant you have to sign in to the assistant with the Orchestrator credentials.
You have uploaded an image in that image there is a option to signin after siginn you can use the assistant offline.

With out login to the assistant by Orchestrator credentials you will get the same error.
Once login and try.

Hope it helps!!

Hello Mahesh

I figured how to activate your license without having to be connected to Orchestrator

  • Locate the path to UiPath.LicenseTool.exe

  • Open Command Prompt. Copy and paste path

  • type activate -l enter license number(with dashes) and hit enter.
    Hope the print screen helps.

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