Issue in Get Transaction Data though the data is present

Hi Team,
I am facing the below issue though have assigned TransactionItem to Out_Transaction Item.Can anyone Please help me out.

what is the type of transaction item ? and you need to check your data table !

It is queuetype

does your queue had any transaction data ! , i think you can writeline in each file to trace exactly the source of issue , make a record to check with you or if you can share screen shot to see variables and every thing !


I am getting data from Get transaction Data Block and the Output of Get Transaction Item has been assigned to Transaction Item but its stll showing null value and goes into exception block.Attached is the workflow.

Thanks in advance. (921 KB)


In the above screenshot it is fetching value from Queue but where as the transaction item is null.can you please resolve it.

Hi @rajithanallagatla,

The reason for your issue may be that your data is in the queue but u have already processed those transactions and status of those items are in “In_progress” state.So you can not fetch items having “In Progress” state through get transaction activity.
Just to confirm ,add some more items in queue and run the workflow,most probably u wont get that error .
As per my understanding ,once you process one item in queue ,its pointer moves to next item and so on.After the last transaction,it will throw the above error that u have mentioned because it has no value to process.
I hope this helps and let me know if that solves ur issue.

Hi chatan,

What you said is totally correct.Whenever i run the processor im facing the issue and the Queue item gets turned to InProgress State and it ends up with these error.

Can you please help me how to resolve the issue.

Thanks in Advance

You can the check the “transcation Item” before processing it.For example condition can be “TransactionItem is Nothing” and accordingly add your further workflow under true/false condition

Thank You chetan

Hi chetan,

though i have data in my Queue whenever its running it is able to fetch the values like ID,Date and all .i have assigned out_TransactionItem to TransactionItem but still im geting transaction Item as null and the mode f transaction turns to inprogress and the process stops due to null value in Transaction Item.i am unable to fix this issue.Can anyone please help me.

Thanks in advance