Getting Null value from Extracted Work Items

Hi Everyone,

I am getting a null value from extracted data table. I have extracted Work items from ACME website and tried to extract data by applying filter but i am not getting any output. Can anyone help me?


  1. Add message box and check the count of data table before assigning to list
  2. Remove True from continue on error property from an extract data table.
  3. Share your select filter

Thanks for the reply. Well now i am getting count as 16 but i am not getting any value in transaction item due to which my process is not executing like type into client info to get hash and remaining all. Could you check why it is coming as null now?


Show me get transaction state screenshot

Code looks ok…
You checked the count of WIList after select filter you have used, right? It is coming 16?
Are passing correct value to getTransactionData arguments

yes i am getting 16. But can i check value of transaction item? If yes then in which workflow? If you see the main flowchart get transaction activity will go to process transaction if new transaction condition got successful which is when transaction item is not nothing.
Hope you got my doubt! if you have any idea where i am going wrong pls help me.

  1. Check in Get transactionItem workflow just after assigning the value
  2. Then also check in Main GetTransaction State after invoke of GetTransactionItem

@Pravin_Patil1 When i checked in get transaction workflow i am getting the value of WIID but when i am checking in main after invoking get transaction state i am getting null value.

Check the argument you passed is correct in get transaction workflow and there is no duplicate variable created.

Share the screenshot for reference

Hi @Pravin_Patil1,
Can i send my code to you so that you can check if the arguments are binded correctly or not? (1015.2 KB)
Please have a look whenever you got time.