Get Transaction Retrieving Null Value

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Get Transaction Retrieve Null Value if the data is exists in Queue.

This is happening for some transaction.

Note: Is there is any way to make the queue item as In Progress apart From Get Transaction Item

Yes but you shouldn’t. Get Transaction is the correct thing to be doing.

Get Transaction Retrieve Null Value if the data is exists in Queue.

What does this mean? Post a screenshot of the queue item.

Hello Paul,

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Here is the scenario.

I am using get Queue Item and looping the data and then making one by one as In Progress . the reason because for one scenario the status should not change to In Progress.

For Some Queue Item the status is not changing to InProgress its saying as “No transaction Data” though the data is available.

That’s not correct. You are supposed to use Get Transaction, then process that item and finish it (Set Transaction Status) then Get Transaction for the next one, process it and finish it, etc.

One queue item at a time.

I suggest looking at the Transactional Process Template for an idea how you’re supposed to work from a queue.


Let’s go one by one

This could be possibly because there are no NEW items though it has In progress item
Check with the queue is there any NEW item when u r getting this error

only when u r using get transaction item activity it will pick the item from queue and convert it as IN PROGRESS
And there is no other activity to change the transaction status as In progress though We have Set Transaction Progress activity - but that also will take only in progress item for custom status update as you want

Cheers @Kabeer

Why? But if you would use Get Transaction, validate it, and if you’re not supposed to process it, set the transaction status to Failed (if you do not want to process it later), or postpone it (meaning you can fetch the item again later on).

Thank you all for the response.

Found the root cause of the issue, We have the postpone time in UTC and robot server is in UTC+1 timing. So that robot is not getting the value.