Getting null queue item even though the new item present in the queue

Hi There,

I am facing the issue and get transaction item activity returns null queue item even though the transaction item is present and changed the status from new to in progress.

Anyone found the solution for this?

Can u share the screenshot of the error or screenshot of studio with activities if possible
It looks contradictory
Get transaction is taking queue item → converting the Status but showing no value in studio


If it happened just a single time, it might be a network issue. If it happens every time when you run your code, you probably have an issue with your code. I would start with checking your variables / arguments panel for items with same name in the workflow that you call the Get Transaction Item activity. That usually causes a null reference exception.

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

  • Double-check that you are using the correct Queue Name in the “Get Transaction Item” activity. Ensure that the queue name is spelled correctly and matches the queue you are expecting.

  • Verify that the item’s status has indeed been changed to “In Progress.” Sometimes, there might be an issue in the part of your workflow that updates the status. Ensure that you are correctly updating the status using the “Set Transaction Status” activity after getting the item.

  • The “Get Transaction Item” activity allows you to specify filtering criteria. Check if you have set any filters that might be excluding the item you expect to retrieve. If so, adjust the filtering criteria accordingly.

Hello @sangeethaneelavannan1
Check if you have two variables called TransactionItem with different scopes - I had this same problem, and had accidentally declared two variables with similar but overlapping scopes.

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

Could you please add snaps of ‘getTransactionItem’ activity along with the properties and Orchestrator window which has the queue (with item) such that entire orchestrator is visible.