How to get transaction item in Initialization state

Hello guys,
i have a process, in that i need to check for a condition for each transaction item in the initialization state,

But when i used transaction item in the initialization state.

It is showing an error message as “Value cannot be null”

So how can i get transaction item in the initialization state.


Use get transaction item in initialize…ideally you should not be getting error if you have queue items and if you properly assigned it

Please elaborate or show some screenshots

also if you are assigning to transationitem variable then make sure you edit get transaction data also



It’s better you check the same in Process State instead of the Initialization State
You can place a condition and check while pushing the Queues to the Queue

Regarding your error the value is getting null because there was no Transaction Item initialized in Initialization State

Even though you have the TransactionItem variable, but that will the value once you pass te Transaction State

Hope this may help you


This is the code that i used

This is the error


and the variable type is data row

the error is showing that there is no value was not present in the transactionitem
because in reframework the transactionitem gets the value once it was mentioned in Gettransaction state
if you want to view the datarow you can try like in the message


and output you get the value of the mentioned column of first row


You are using Read Range and declaring the output as dt_Transaction

so to retrive the data don’t use Transaction Item, but you can use dt_Transaction.Rows(0).Item(“PolicyNo”).ToString

because still the data is in dt_Transaction only not on the TransactionItem

Hope this may help you



you are reading a data into datatable and then immediately you are trying to access transaction item which does not even make sense…you have to assign something to the variable…it does not get auto assigned

that is the reason you are getting this error


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